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Greater Pittsburgh Coalition Against Violence
Community Service Directory
4th Edition, February 2024

B-PEP and the Greater Pittsburgh Coalition Against Violence

Unveil 4th Edition of the B-PEP/CAV


Monday, February 26, 2024  5:30pm –

Alma Speed Fox Building

    Located at the bottom of the “Strategies for Change: Building More Peaceful Communities’ anti-violence document created over a period of ten years with the participation of more than 300 area concerned citizens, coordinated by the  Black Political Empowerment Project and its Greater Pittsburgh Coalition Against Violence are these words: “Creating Long Term Solutions to Deep-Rooted Problems” The statement below that mission statement are these words:  “Moving From Complaint to Possibility…from  Planning to Implementation and Mobilization”.  What B-PEP and the Greater Pittsburgh Coalition Against Violence has done over the past few years is to increase our planning process by gathering information on additional agencies and organizations in the Metropolitan Pittsburgh community who are in place to provide much needed services to individuals and families impacted by violence.  We are very happy tonight to unveil the Fourth Edition of our “COMMUNITY SERVICES DIRECTORY” subtitled “Your Anti-violence Guide to Community Services”. We have assembled a nearly 80 page directory with a detailed Table of Contents, where many services are listed by neighborhood. We are honored that so many area wonderful agencies and organizations have agreed to be included in this important document.  We are unveiling this 4th Edition of the B-PEP/Greater Pittsburgh Coalition Against Violence Community Services Directory as we are nearing  the conclusion of Black History Month 2024, as hopefully a significant contribution to the Black communities of the Pittsburgh Region, and to all communities in need of important and expansive services to help people heal from the impact of violence.  This violence can be experienced as an individual victim of violence, or as collective victims of violence. The trauma of violence in our communities has been much too present over a period of  many years,  trauma to our youth, trauma to our seniors, and trauma to our community at large. Our hope is that this new directory will be a source of support and source of  concrete solutions.

We are proud to have with us tonight representatives of some of those agencies and organizations who will be providing the much needed support system to the communities of the Pittsburgh Region, as well as individuals speaking on the importance of the existence of such an extraordinarily detailed directory.


We have with us tonight to speak on this occasion Roy Blankenship, Jr. B-PEP Community Organizer, who was primarily responsible for updating the 4th edition of the directory, Shayla Holmes, B-PEP/CAV Youth Peace Summit Coordinator, Rev. Eileen O. Smith,  Executive Director, South Pittsburgh Coalition for Peace, Debra Germany, Executive Director, Divine Intervention Ministries, Rev. Phillip Grayson, Assistant Pastor, Central Baptist Church,  Beth Foringer, Southwest PA Coordinator, CeaseFirePA, William Bey, Street Patrol with MADDADS, Sister Barbara Finch, Sisters of St. Joseph, and Rev. Cornell Jones, Coordinator, Operation Amani, Director of Street Outreach and Group Violence Intervention Coordinator for the City of Pittsburgh.

It is our hope that as we end Black History Month 2024, we are laying the foundation for a much more healthy community for the future, supported by many committed partners for peace and healing!

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